The business originated in Cedar Key, Florida in 1957.  One could say Montine and David Birdsey Moved from Cedar Key to the small town of Englewood, Florida (with,then, population of only 1100 people) because of really good luck fishing. One night David caught more shrimp than he could sell locally and needed to find more buyers in a bigger market.  He started traveling south and ended up at Englewood Bait House.  He conducted his business from there for over 20 yrs.  He sold the business in 1979 for health reasons.   When Tim Birdsey got into the business some 50 yrs later, he did so under the same name as his fathers, Gulf Bait Company.  He has also expanded his company into T-N-T Shrimp and Seafood along with T-N-T Bait and Tackle.